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 Final Best Ranking for -(SS)-CB (RANK 1 FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT)

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PostSubject: Final Best Ranking for -(SS)-CB (RANK 1 FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT)   Sun May 08, 2011 10:46 pm

[img] [/img]

I've held on to rank 1 from March 9, 2011, to May 9, 2011. It's time to let someone else be rank 1, preferably an SS member , so I'm taking a break to let everyone catch up.
If clan leader Deonsoul or Colossus reads this post by chance, please check my requests. Also, everyone be sure to check my
Youtube Channel for some decent SFO matches. Thanks, and it was fun being champion of SFO for so long cheers cheers cheers
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Final Best Ranking for -(SS)-CB (RANK 1 FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT)
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